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If you'd like to donate more than 5% of your purchase, we will arrange the donation for your preferred amount. This Donation will be applied to fund for the diffusion of education activities such as purchasing books, providing stationery, etc.  

"Child Education Implementation Project"では、特に義務教育制度が行き届いていない国での活動をメインとしており、家庭環境などが原因で教育を受ける機会や選択肢がない子どもたちに読み書きを中心に学習する機会を与えるための現地サポートを行う事を目的としています。寄付金は学習教材費用や現地での活動費などに充当し、少しでも多くの子どもたちに学習の場を与えてあげることができるよう、大切に活用させていただきます。

This donation program is for our child educational support projects for those who don't have access to education /and who don't have the choice to go to school. Your donation will be 100% applied to the project-related expenses such as purchasing learning materials and arranging local staff and activities. We will implement as many learning opportunities for those children, and your donations will be a significant part of it as they will be applied to provide learning materials and arrange local activities.


How to donate?  寄付方法

  1. Please fill out the donation form on the right side.

  2. Once you fill out the form, the payment page will pop up.

  3. Please follow the instruction and fill out your credit card information.

  1. 寄付フォームへ必要事項をご記入ください

  2. 入力が完了すると寄付金支払いのページが表示されます。

  3. 手順に従い、支払い情報をご入力ください。

Donation Form 

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Thank you for your support!


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