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The Little Lions Projects are all based on the principle of reaching out directly to communities and institutions in need of support and supplies. Currently there are two projects actively running:


“The Child Education Implementation Project" and “The Free Secondhand Clothes Project".

“The Child Education Implementation Project" focuses on activities in countries where compulsory education is not widely available. Our goal is to provide quality education for children who do not have either the opportunity to attend school in their community, or availability due to unjust domestic household responsibilities.


“The Free Secondhand Clothes Project" breathes new life into old clothes. Do you have clothes that just sit in your closet but are still wearable and in good condition? If you do, then this is a win-win project to get involved with. Not only does it help tackle the current environmental problem of garment disposal, but the clothes will be used by those who really need them.
We believe we can create positive change anywhere in the world through our projects, and your donation will help us get there. Thank you for your support. You are the best!

私たちLittle Lions Donationはサポートや物資を必要としているコミュニティや施設に直接アプローチすることを基本に活動を行なっています。現時点でアクティブな活動は、"Child Education Implementation Project"及び"Share Secondhand Clothes Project"の2つです。

"Child Education Implementation Project"では、特に義務教育制度が行き届いていない国での活動をメインとしており、家庭環境などが原因で教育を受ける機会や選択肢がない子どもたちに読み書きを中心に学習する機会を与えるための現地サポートを行う事を目的としています。

"Share Secondhand Clothes Project"では、まだ使えるけどもう着なくなった、、でも、捨てるのはちょっと、、そういった服に新たな命を吹き込みます!環境問題の一つである衣服廃棄問題の解決に一役するだけでなく、必要としている人たちに届けることで活用してもらえることができるという、関わる人全てにwin-winなプロジェクトです。

私たちLittle Lionsは、私たちのプロジェクトがほんの少しずつでも、地球規模で直面している問題解決に、また国外で起こっている問題の周知や解決に一躍できると信じています。何事も小さなアクションから。Little Lionsを通して一緒に行動に起こしてみませんか?



This donation program is for our child educational support projects for those who don't have access to education /and who don't have the choice to go to school.


まだ着れるけどもう要らない洋服はありませんか?もう捨てようかなと思っているなら、Little Lionsに連絡を!

Do you have any clothes that you can still wear but no longer needed? If you do, contact us! Little Lions will be a bridge between you and people who are in need.


More projects coming 



preparation in progress...!

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